When the dross has turned to Gold

Sadness is silence without hope.
Hope without beauty.
Beauty without wonder.

Sadness takes everything away
and when it’s gone, won’t
tolerate your emptiness.

In time, Joy catches up with you.
Don’t feel like she’s betrayed you.

In the sanctum of the soul, sadness
is a mystic’s alchemy.

LBM 5/8/08

June 20, 2015: Spartacus, his Bella, and cygnets (William and Sparty both had Bellas. Separate ponds, else it would have been even more confusing. It just happened that way. They looked so much alike, the one time they were both at the same pond I mixed them up!) Spartacus was Alpha at the restaurant pond, until last year, when Bully drove them off. Now Bully is resident bully. Crazy territorial.

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