The Swan Whisperer #5

Lori McCray
3 min readMar 30, 2020
Autumn pond

Emory crunched through the chilly woods on the crispy leaves of Autumn; fallen beauty at every turn, and the most wonderfully pungent aroma (the only smell better is warm bread from the oven, thought Em, who had shoved a granola bar in her pocket and forgot about it). As she stopped to adjust the strap biting into her shoulder, she heard an unfamiliar whirring and whooshing, like a great symphony of wings! Closer to the water, now, she saw the juveniles (no longer ‘cygnets’, as they have feathers) skimming back and forth across the pond, as fast as their feet could paddle. The original Boston Swan Boats! Churning the water like old fashioned butter makers, they were practicing all the skills they would need for their first flight. “How exciting!” Emmy called. “You are almost ready for lift off!!!” After quite a demanding session of backing and forthing, the juveniles (like teenagers everywhere) were hungry enough to eat Em’s entire bag of food!

the four juveniles in Autumn, taking a break from try flying

Once everyone had eaten their fill, Emory told them she had news. “I’m going to visit my Aunt Sally in Oklahoma,” she told the family. “You be safe, and I’ll be back in two weeks.” “What’s a week?” Cami asked shyly. “It’s seven sleeps,” said Emmy. The young swans seemed to understand. “Ill miss you, and you know how much I love you. Wherever I go, wherever I am, I carry you with me.” They quietly nodded, even William&Bella, though they seemed a bit sad and a little bit solemn. “Who knows,” Emmy said brightly. “You may be flying by the time I get back!” The juveniles bobbed their heads in agreement, pleased to have an exciting project to distract them from Em’s absence. Emmy left them some corn, but didn’t want to attract predator’s who might smell food, (or, heaven forbid), smell swans and want to eat them!. Emory told herself not to worry, reminded of how smart William has always been in protecting his family, hiding them all, if necessary. Of course the swans are wild creatures and don’t need her for their survival, like the bunnies she has at home, but Love has made them important to her, and her Love has made Em important to the swans. Stronger than death, larger than life, deeper than any difficulty, this bond goes on forever.

Bella and the 3 boys
siblings practicing ‘making hearts’ (a sign of love)
Bella&William, making hearts



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