The Golden Rule

Lori McCray
2 min readNov 22, 2023

No one is going to want to hear this but I wrote it anyway, being who I am, who I’ve always been and who I most likely will continue to be . . .

If it’s not the whole truth it’s a lie.

We teach the touching story of the

Pilgrims asking for assistance from

the Native Americans (native as in,

those who were there first) and years

later, gloss over the greed (I want

what you have and I’ll kill you to take

it), the plundering, the dispossession,

the trail of tears, the horrible, unimaginable

years. The beautiful friendship, the giving of

thanks for the bountiful gifts received,

bloodied and sullied and desecrated.

In the beginning was the word, and the word

was good, and the people were thankful and

there was peace among men (women have

always found ways to get along). What monstrous

need causes the crumbling of compassion, so that

humans are less than insects and can be so easily,

so recklessly, annihilated?

All this blood-letting, and we have learned nothing.

We dine pleasantly with our own, and destroy the

others who displease us. “God’s will” was never

decimation. God’s Will is Love, as far as I can see it,

and we still don’t understand. The pearl of great price

can never be bought or stolen. It is formed in the

cultivated soul, where nothing and no one can ever

harm it. Our greatest joy and responsibility to this

planet is to be brave enough, willing enough, tender

enough to choose kindness.

LBM 11/22/2023

same sky for everyone, photo mine, cotton candy clouds



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