Does Love have a color? Would you say, loving Blue as you do, it is only Blue, and banish the rest to eternal damnation? Surely the others are beautiful. I’ve lived without colors (the color was Black). I’m not saying I was possessed, but it often felt that way. I wanted to see Pink and Orange, yet Black was burned into my retinas, leaving me color blind. Wanting to be seen as beautiful, Black fed me its propaganda. I was weak, then. I didn’t think God would save me, as I’d brought my suffering upon myself.

My soul, deprived of vibrancy, sat sadly soaking in the Blackness. Retained the memory of color but not the words to describe it. No one would believe her anyway, yet she clung to the hope of freedom. Knew the Blackness would not last forever. She had trust, beyond her vision, that the colors of Love were spreading their great Joy, and no one would be excluded.

Love, the invisibly visible paradox, the healer found in every color, even in Blackness, is the rainbow’s promise of everlasting Peace. The color of Love is Love.

LBM 10/23/17

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William&Bella (and mallards) in the Autumnwater

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