We teach our children how to share, then completely forget how to do it. We sell cars with the pithy phrase, ‘Thanksgetting’, as if we’ve entirely forgotten the original meaning of the feast. The feast wasn’t about the food (the football), the robbing Peter to pay Paul, but about sharing and communion. Community. All the people traveling home to be with family, that’s so special. And I hope that while they’re gathered together, thankful, they’ll consider their blessings and put aside their differences, and be grateful for food and family, and a place to call one’s own. A special place, which belongs to you because you love it. And if I love what I’ve been given, and find that it’s enough, why would I need to hurt you and take yours? Thanks-giving is *not* Thanks-getting but Thanks-living. What is is that you’re thank-full for?

LBM 11/28/2019

Autumn woods, photo by Lori B. McCray