Something to Believe in

Lori McCray
1 min readMay 25, 2023


I have a friend who thinks one should never

look back, always move forward. It sounds

good on paper. I don’t know that it’s that easy.

Focus on your dreams forget your nightmares.

The past is the past and yet, it hasn’t passed

if you’re still in it.

I remember, recall, am reminded of, conjure up less

and less of what has happened. It’s made me who I

am and I’m thankful for the experience, but to pretend

it didn’t happen and put a happy face on it is what

brought me to the edge (and pushed me over).

You need one trusted listener who won’t tell you

you’re stupid. One true friend to see you. One good

reason to get out of bed. One enduring faith in the

power of love. One compelling mission to make the

world a better place. One great question you need

to have answered. One beautiful something to

believe in.

LBM 5/26/2023

Peonies popping, photo and flower, Lori B. McCray



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