Put Down Your Sword

Buzz being bullied, photo by Lori B. McCray (Clyde is bigger, you can just tell)

I wonder how we “learn” war. Who raises the first sword, and why? I watch my precious swans, so pure and graceful, ethereal, until something threatens their territory and they are filled with a frightening rage, fighting to the death.

People are no different. “I was here first” shows up early and intensifies. “Me first” is applauded and encouraged. “First things first” often means clearing the board of all undesirables, even sentient ones, so your plan can have its way.

Power seems like strength, if you’re a bully. Winning seems like victory, even if you decimate and maim. Taking sides is an outgrown habit. Live from ‘both/and.’ Live from, ‘Yes, let’s try it.’ Live from, ‘Ok, you win ~ I win ~ we all win ~ together.

LBM 10/8/2021