On the Approach of my 65th Birthday


King Arthur, a retired racehorse, and me. Photo credit by owner

Once upon a time, I rode through dark woods on a

wild horse. Reckless and uncontrollable, I feared for

my life. That horse is gentle now. In all ways trustworthy,

I ride eyes closed and relaxed, with faith in his intelligence.

He listens to the tenor of my words to know their essence,

and follows my intuitions. Still spirited (the broken years

mended), he revels in the freedom my love affords him and

leads me through the woods, some days wildly, some less,

always carefully aware, astute, observant.

Let the wild horse guide you, following the light.

LBM 1/5/2023



Lori McCray

Photographer, Poet, Musician, Mother, Mystic, Gardener, friend of wild creatures, swan whisperer. Find me on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wingthing/