I have learned to love well, in this place I have chosen. To call a place home, like Thoreau at his Walden, is to learn it by heart, like an alphabet, an arpeggio, an arabesque. Once you know how everything fits together, your tiny part in the grand scheme of things, you no longer feel un-important. It’s a quiet humility, which comes when you call the wild swans and wherever they are, whatever they might be doing, they rush to greet you. Love calls and Love answers. The heart of Beauty.

LBM 12/5/2020

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Love Calls (the poignant original)

Long ago, when all the
world seemed black to me
I did not believe in love

and joy was a banquet
with food that was phony

and the colors of the rainbow,
washed drab and gray, ran off
in the gutter like water wasted

and my tears and my longing
driven deeper than jewels

huddled quietly together

in a prayer for

LBM 11/1/99