It’s Only Been a Day

Lori McCray
2 min readAug 16, 2022


but I miss my old computer. Change is good, this one is better, faster and yet, I’m missing some important things. I have my 8432 emails I can’t seem to trash, and not my poems and photographs.

Some things are central to one’s circumference, and yet, if I’m taking a tiny change so hard, how will I manage a big one? How do you learn to take things in stride and move on? We feel absence like a missing tooth, the tongue always in the hole, looking for it, knowing it’s not there, unable to stay away.

I soothe myself much better now. Before, when I was mean to my sweet self, shame made the missing worse. “Buck up, get over it, nothing lasts forever.” Oh, to go back and be kinder to that girl. Those blue animated eyes, taking in more than she could understand, able to tell no one. So brave, I see that now.

Men, violent toward the innocent, balanced by nature’s calm serenity. Almost a peace, but I brought my troubles with me. Now I am free to enjoy the beauty of my bounty. My mind untroubled (mostly), my heart uncaged and I take that child with me, to show her how her life is, daily, beautiful, and all the tears and trials were worth the path they paved to freedom.

LBM 8/16/2022