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  • Inge E. Knudsen

    Inge E. Knudsen

    Mother, grandmother, history and comparative literature passionate; lecturer on European Renaissance and European women writers in 18th & 19th centuries.

  • Emanoella Soares

    Emanoella Soares

    Agronomist passionate about organic gardening, science and writing. She loves read books in her free time. emanoella.limas@gmail.com

  • John Douglas Porter

    John Douglas Porter

    John Porter manages his family’s cattle ranch in California, where he also writes screenplays and stories.

  • Charlotte Kingsbury- Fink

    Charlotte Kingsbury- Fink

    Survivor. Poet. Writer. I like to take an eclectic mess of words and string them together on a page. Visit my poetry and writing blog at Misfit-believer.com.

  • Thomas Gaudex

    Thomas Gaudex

    Writer. Dreamer. Editor of Scribe. Literature and Nature help me breathe ✦ thomasgaudex.co

  • Audra Pitts

    Audra Pitts

    I’m a writer of knowledge. My knowledge. Things I experienced first-hand and wish to share with my audience hoping to connect on a level of internal growth.

  • augmented man

    augmented man

    💚 Join The Power of Poetry theaugmentedman.medium.com/membership 🟢 https://augmentedman.substack.com/

  • Lori K. Petrie

    Lori K. Petrie

    Writer for fun and stay at home mom of 3. Sees lots of grey area in this world that focuses on the black and white. First book on the way.

  • Lo Everlasting

    Lo Everlasting

    I write about heavy things I am choosing to put down. https://medium.com/@loeverlasting/membership

  • Emily Forman

    Emily Forman

    Working towards a healthier lifestyle while blogging about it. Writing about Mental Health, Lyme Disease, Health, Goals, Organization, Writing, and Gardening.

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