Don’t give up on being understood

I was not loved for who I was. Two sets of parents failed to see me. Couldn’t be bothered, really. Didn’t know, didn’t care, I really can’t say why, but I felt their absence, even as I stood beside them. I only wanted to belong, to those who understood me, but gave up on being understood.

Don’t give up on being understood. Promise you won’t. Don’t sit far away from the fire and say it wasn’t meant for you. Find those who will keep you warm and know that you deserve it. Now is the time to be all you could never be, and love the truth of who you are, who you’ve always been, who you’ve become by tenacity and grit. Now is the time to embrace your intelligence. You have triumphed. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

LBM 3/26/2020 (i wasn’t sleeping anyway, so got up to type this)

selfie from today

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