Don’t be afraid of pain. You’re already hurting. Let the pain wash over you in waves. It will make you supple and flexible. Don’t fight it. Don’t grit your teeth against it.

Pain opens you, wider, deeper, leaving you spacious, benevolent, welcoming. Pain is a misunderstood teacher. At times unconscionably harsh, but as soon as you’ve understood the lesson, become malleable and pliant, pain eases up on you, applauds your courage, and treats you with respect.

No one enjoys these learnings, but thinking you can outfox, outrun, outwit them is just asking to be tackled, down the road. Best to stay open, let come what comes, and deal with it at the get go.

What I’ve learned from pain is I’m smarter, wiser, braver than I think. There’s a mountain, and it’s colossal, and I’m exhausted, run out of supplies and no one is coming to rescue me, and after years of sitting, frozen and helpless and alone, after years of surrendering to pain, I have become fiercely determined, committed to the climb, assured of my survival skills, absolutely certain of the value of my life. Don’t give up on the summit. The view is spectacular ~

LBM 11/29/2021

Marlborough Matterhorn, photo by Lori B. McCray (site of future ‘Target’ store)