Bee Rescue

Lori McCray
2 min readJul 23, 2021
Honey pick-me-up

A story from Lori:

There are some mean nasty bees, I must Google but call them ‘Hover-Darts’ ~ they attack my bumbler buddies, I really don’t know what their deal is but not on my watch. This little guy had a wing pretty much torn off and can’t fly. I spotted him during my last check at dusk (lol, I was a hall monitor at boarding school) and noticed him not moving. At all. So he (she? I never remember the gender thing, no matter) climbed on my finger and tried really hard to lift off, runs quickly, lol. I put himer on some ground cover flowers and then felt badly for it, just clinging on, some brought it in, upstairs to bedroom, skittering all over the carpet and I had the idea of the curtain and sure enough, himer crawled up inside the folds and hunkered down for the night. I checked a little bit ago and couldn’t find little bee anywhere but was outside up high on the plush side of the curtain! Back on hand and out back again in the sun, we shall see. If you can’t fly, it’s not good but we all deserve a fighting chance. Doug asked me my rehab plan, isn’t he the very sweetest?

little bee seems happy enough
excuse thumb, “Green” is misnomer. Brown from the garden soil
In the lilies
on the ground cover (sweet alyssum?)
I just love them. I just do



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