A Peaceful Nomad

walking man, photo by Lori B. McCray

I would rather be a nomad at peace with the world than a rich aristocrat without a conscience. My adult child, angry, said “You know nothing about reality, you live in the woods.” I see more reality in the woods than he does in his videogames but I said nothing.

If one accepts their life condition as being of their own choosing, there is no struggle. If you’re basically afraid of life, you strive to control it. The body isn’t frightened by death. The ego is.

Wisdom means seeing into the heart of things. Synthesizing one’s polarities. Understanding that human nature is full of contradictions, and love covers a multitude of sins. Wisdom sees backwards and forwards at the same time, balanced in the present.

A peaceful nomad has nothing to prove. No where to be but here, in this moment, is not much interested in blame for the past or fear of the future. Now is enough and peace is a plenty we can all partake of. Welcome the unencumbered wanderer.

LBM 1/15/2022



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