A Gorgeously Autumnal Morning

young ones working their wings, all photos by Lori B. McCray

I went to the new spot, yesterday, no one came. I walked the trail around the pond, it was wonderfully fun and very pretty and larger than imagined, and then, already spent, went to the old place, where I met up with Bonnie&Clyde, our beautiful bullies, and I watched from afar, the commotion, but the young ones are flying, and I waited patiently for them all to come winging their way towards me. Not yet. Patience is a frusterating practice, lol. Am getting quite fed up with it… Should have just stayed where I was.

Bella’s nesting site, way back in the reeds. I wonder if the “Inn Keeper” dude knows that? (I chew on a bone until it disintegrates)
the boat house from the other side of the pond
boat house up close. Dunno what it is really but that’s what i call it
from the deep woods, new trail to explore, only a little nervous, way back in there, no cell phone
trail through the woods
pond from the way back