I rescued animals when I was young. A dying sparrow, a lonely salamander, a rabid Chihuahua (my mom and I jumped on a chair and screamed when he had his first foam flying fit). Now, I find old furniture at the dump. I drag it home and give it life. While no one sees the beauty underneath the dirt and rust, I know neglect can be reversed with lots of love. I scrub and sand and paint and in the end, this piece of junk, its hope and dignity restored, is beautiful to me; because I took the time to…

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, A Swan Posing Grace-full-y

Two Courting Swans

All my life, I’ve been giving the little mute girl words, gathering, storing, collecting; an arsenal against despair. She hides them beneath her tongue, like the stone which felled Goliath and waits to use them.

And when her life depends on them they vanish, useless, drowned in the river like the kitten no one wanted.

LBM 9/15/2021

Zazzy, a beautiful kitten grown into a beautiful cat

young ones working their wings, all photos by Lori B. McCray

I went to the new spot, yesterday, no one came. I walked the trail around the pond, it was wonderfully fun and very pretty and larger than imagined, and then, already spent, went to the old place, where I met up with Bonnie&Clyde, our beautiful bullies, and I watched from afar, the commotion, but the young ones are flying, and I waited patiently for them all to come winging their way towards me. Not yet. Patience is a frusterating practice, lol. Am getting quite fed up with it… Should have just stayed where I was.

Buzz, sweetest of friends

And Clyde, big beautiful bully who wants to take over the already taken territory

I keep looking for the man at the Ice House at the Inn, to thank him for pointing me to the trail by the pond, but haven’t seen him since. Angel. I am totally smitten with this new beautiful spot. An oasis.

I found Buzz first, and for a split second thought it might be the beautiful bully

Why swans have long necks, photo credit Doug McCray.

Let there be no mistaking me for someone else. I have been many times despairing, but never once deluded. Even when I refused to see the truth, I knew and understood it.

Let there be no putting me in a box or cage. Pigeon-holed. Denied or demeaned. I have never been less than or not equal.

Let there be so much light around me, darkness runs for its life, and let my mere presence bring peace.

Let every day be brighter than the day before, but let me live without judge-ment. Let me leave as I came in; a wonder, a marvel, a miracle. A precious, priceless, purity of promise.

LBM 9/10/2021

I found a way around the pond, around the two bullies, and got to feed and hang out with my friends today. I was guided and I am grateful. Was beginning to get impatient and frusterated.

Photo by Lori B. McCray 9/2/2021

Buzz is ok! He looks a bit rough but swam over with the others. Bonnie & Clyde are still in front, but Bella&Buzz and kids are hanging in the way back (which may well be the beginning, lol). They ate a bit and then skittered off. The water was up to my knees, to get back there, after the relentless night of rain (and worry), but I’ll sleep better tonight! I’m sopping wet, but the sun returned, and all 6 children survived the ambush, where yesterday there was only one light one, today two. Thanks for your Love. Some may scoff but I know it heals. So relieved.

Lori McCray

Photographer, Poet, Musician, Mother, Mystic, Gardener, friend of wild creatures, swan whisperer. Find me on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wingthing/

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