I rescued animals when I was young. A dying sparrow, a lonely salamander, a rabid Chihuahua (my mom and I jumped on a chair and screamed when he had his first foam flying fit). Now, I find old furniture at the dump. I drag it home and give it life…

Don’t be afraid of pain. You’re already hurting. Let the pain wash over you in waves. It will make you supple and flexible. Don’t fight it. Don’t grit your teeth against it.

Pain opens you, wider, deeper, leaving you spacious, benevolent, welcoming. Pain is a misunderstood teacher. At times unconscionably…

We teach our children how to share, then completely forget how to do it. We sell cars with the pithy phrase, ‘Thanksgetting’, as if we’ve entirely forgotten the original meaning of the feast. The feast wasn’t about the food (the football), the robbing Peter to pay Paul, but about sharing and communion. Community. All the people traveling home to be with family, that’s so special. And I hope that while they’re gathered together, thankful, they’ll consider their blessings and put aside their differences, and be grateful for food and family, and a place to call one’s own. A special place, which belongs to you because you love it. And if I love what I’ve been given, and find that it’s enough, why would I need to hurt you and take yours? Thanks-giving is *not* Thanks-getting but Thanks-living. What is is that you’re thank-full for?

LBM 11/28/2019

Autumn woods, photo by Lori B. McCray

No one can stop you from loving, They can take away what you hold most dear. They can wound you so deeply you can’t see straight. They can rob you of your cherished possessions, steal your every penny, lie to your face, make you question your own sanity, lock you…

There is no war. There are no sides. The bullets have been buried.

All is forgiven, the prisoners set free. Mercy for everyone.

Kindness becomes compassion, becomes nourishment, becomes

wisdom, becomes truth, becomes trust, becomes light, becomes

inspiration, becomes creativity, becomes acceptance, becomes renewal,

becomes life, becomes peace. Even in death, becomes grace.

LBM 11/23/2021

Bella & Buzz, photo by Lori B. McCray
Yesterday, selfie in the woods

Saddle your wild horse

Let the mind become peaceful

Ride relaxedly aware

LBM 11/11/2021

Lori McCray

Photographer, Poet, Musician, Mother, Mystic, Gardener, friend of wild creatures, swan whisperer. Find me on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wingthing/

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